Facilitating Online Courses 08 – Personal Goals

My personal goals for this course are:

  • To make time for the course.
  • To understand how to generate a fluid learning experience.
  • Practice working in groups online.
  • To better understand how you can work to a goal as you define the goal.
  • To purposefully connect with others and making sure I make time and space to make those connections visible through linking to my blog and posting things on Twitter.
  • To understand how to better communicate the processes and benefits of working in online communities to those who have limited technical skills

My first frustration is that I can’t see the webcast of the first meeting.  Hopefully the video file comes up soon so I can get a sense of the discussion so far.

In trying to get my head around this I think the first step for me is to figure out the parameters of the course.  To me one way of establishing this is through the main portals of information.

I’m really keen to complete the facilitating an online event and hopefully I can do this with the community I work within using me.edu.au.

I am also completing the Connectivism course, hopefully the two courses have slightly different approaches.  I’m sure I’ll take away different things from connecting with different educators.

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6 thoughts on “Facilitating Online Courses 08 – Personal Goals”

  1. Hi Conceta,
    I am sure we all will profit a lot from this course. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to learn at least a bit about facilitation online. What I find also interesting is the interaction with the other participants in the course. That’s maybe how we can learn most.
    I don’t know if there is a webcast recording for the first meeting but I know there is a recording. You can find it here: http://elluminate.tekotago.ac.nz/play_recording_confirmation.html
    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Gabriela, I can’t see the Illuminate stuff at all.

    Hi Derek, def follow me on twitter: chetty. I’d be super keen to get a peer support group happening over there. 🙂 What’s your twitter name?

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